Backstage details on the possibility of Goldberg joining AEW after his WWE deal is over

Goldberg is one of the biggest legends who is still an active competitor in WWE. As per reports, his deal is about to end and has just one match left. There has been speculation with regards to him joining AEW after his contract is up. However, the chances of that happening are slim as Tony Khan’s promotion might not be able to compete with WWE for a big-money deal.

Goldberg’s last match in WWE was against Bobby Lashley at Crown Jewel. Considering the fact that the former WCW star is a special attraction and one of the biggest names WWE relies on for their Saudi Arabia shows, it is doubtful they will let him go easily.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has stated that AEW will not be able to bring Goldberg given his current contract He said that WWE’s tie-up with Saudi Arabia was a big factor in the former Universal Champion’s lucrative contract.

”The biggest name deal up is Goldberg, who has one match on his deal. His deal is huge money for only a couple of matches a year and I believe no-cut as well. It’s a deal that I can’t see making sense for AEW to compete with because they don’t have the Saudi windfall money that carries his deal.” said Meltzer

What could be next for Goldberg?

The report says that Goldberg is already 55 years old and the company has very limited options of using him. There is still a chance that they will pay him ‘big money’ like Stone Cold and The Undertaker just to keep him around even if he doesn’t have any more in-ring matches.

”Goldberg turns 55 so you don’t know if they think they’ve gotten all the nostalgia out of him, but they also don’t have those special attractions except he and Lesnar and Edge (and Shane McMahon who is still under a talent contract)” noted Meltzer

AEW has a long list of WWE legends like Chris Jericho, Sting and Arn Anderson working in on-screen roles for them as well.

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