Ethan Page on non-PG moments during AEW 

AEW Full Gear will feature a Minneapolis street fight between American Top Team and Men of the Year, against The Inner Circle. The build-up to the match has been a heated affair, and a great number of times, AEW has indeed pushed the PG envelope.

AEW star ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page recently spoke to Sportskeeda Wrestling about some of the more non-PG moments on the show and claimed that he’s all for it. In fact, it reminds him of wrestling from when he was a kid. That said, since most of the insults are directed towards him and his friends, it’s a mixed bag for him.

“What do you mean you guys? What do you mean you guys? Just say Chris Jericho pushes the PG envelope and we stand there while he’s talking about me beat*** my m*** on live television, while my mother and father and 4-year-old daughter are watching. That’s why I’m pissed off. This pay-per-view is serious. I couldn’t be happier that it’s a street fight,” said Ethan Page.

He continued:

“But, to admit to you, while I’m out there and while he’s saying these crazy things. And you know, maybe Sammy Guevara might say the S-word, maybe Ortiz or Santana might say the B-word, the crowd is eating it up and it reminds me of wrestling that I watched as a kid. So, there’s a part of me that loves it. And there’s a part of me that want to slap the living cr** out of these guys. So, look, I’ll openly say that I’m okay with it, but I’m not the one that needs to be okay with it,” added Page.

Do check out the entire conversation by clicking on the link below:

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All of the profanity and insults are leading to the grand stage. MMA stars Andrei Arlovski and Junior Dos Santos will team up with the Men of the Year and Dan Lambert to take on The Inner Circle. Pretty much everything is legal, so prepare for bloodshed.

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