How many skull tattoos does Randy Orton have?

Randy Orton has a number of tattoos on his body. The current WWE RAW Tag Team Champion currently has a skull sleeve tattoo on both his arms.

While the exact number of skulls on his arms is not known, it is no secret that The Viper has indeed inked a lot of skulls courtesy of his sleeve tattoos on both his right and left arm.

As seen in images, the skulls on Randy Orton’s deltoids are the most prominent, especially on his left arm. Whereas, on his right arm, Orton has skulls inked on his bicep and on his forearm, as well.

In a previous interview, Randy Orton admitted that it took him 40-50 hours to get both his arms inked. Orton, who also has tribal patterns inked, got the skulls as he wanted to put something on his body that had meaning. (H/T: Body Art Guru)

“It probably took 40-50 hours. I do have a lot of meaning behind it, and that’s the reason I got it done. The tribal work I had before had no meaning behind it. No meaning, whatsoever, and I kind of wanted to put something on my body that had some meaning and it does, and that’s for me, my wife and my family. As far as the meaning, I don’t want to tell everyone what it means. They can look, they can enjoy them, but the meaning is for me.”

Randy Orton is currently the RAW Tag Team Champion with Riddle

Randy Orton is currently in a tag team with Riddle. The pair have been together on WWE TV for months now. Initially, the duo got off to a solid start before Orton went on a hiatus from WWE programming.

However, upon his return, Randy Orton discontinued the team with Riddle. The duo eventually got back together after Riddle saved Orton from an attack at the hands of Omos and AJ Styles.

At SummerSlam 2021, Randy Orton and Riddle won the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships for the first time, as they defeated Omos and Styles.

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