Released WWE star Franky Monet lashes out at Vince McMahon’s new age mandate

Vince McMahon‘s new age mandate for female talents in WWE NXT isn’t sitting well with the recently released Taya Valkyrie (the former Franky Monet.)

It was reported last week following the latest round of WWE releases that a new Vince McMahon mandate doesn’t want the company bringing any women’s wrestlers into NXT that are over the age of 25.

When a fan suggested that Tommy Dreamer shouldn’t sign any older talents when he relaunches House of Hardcore in 2022, Valkyrie took to Twitter to put the fan in their place.

“STFU…. I just turned 38, I’ve been ashamed to even SPEAK about my age until today. 38 is not old…especially when you’re a man. Process that,” Taya Valkyrie tweeted.

Is Vince McMahon’s age mandate a bad idea for WWE’s future?

McMahon’s new age mandate for the women in WWE doesn’t seem like the most brilliant idea as the company didn’t even sign Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair until they were 26 and Bianca Belair until she was 27. These are three of the biggest talents WWE has on their roster right now, male or female.

While Valkyrie might be 38 years old, that shouldn’t discredit what she’s capable of bringing to any women’s wrestling roster in the world. She further elaborated on her initial tweet by declaring that age should never be the reason that someone should lose their job.

“Age should never be [an] issue [and] I’m sick of ppl using that as a reason that someone should lose their job. I’m a women, a wife a mother to 2 dogs, an aunt and a friend. Nobody should EVER say that 38 is old. GROW UPPPPP,” Taya Valkyrie said in a follow up tweet.

Taya Valkyrie only had a 30-day non-compete due to her NXT contract, and you have to believe both AEW and IMPACT Wrestling will be very interested in signing her when they’re free to do so.

What do you think of Vince McMahon’s new age mandate for women’s wrestlers in WWE? Do you understand where Taya Valkyrie is coming from? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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