Ric Flair questions CM Punk and Bryan Danielson to AEW

Ric Flair is not convinced by CM Punk and Bryan Danielson’s contributions towards AEW’s growth in terms of ratings.

The American Dragon and the Second City Saint arrived in AEW to a lot of hype and fanfare. The former WWE champions added a certain star power to Tony Khan’s company that wasn’t present before their arrival. Bryan Danielson’s debut coincided with Adam Cole’s as two of the biggest stars of WWE in 2021 jumped ship to AEW.

However, after a spike in ratings that saw Dynamite cross 1 million for six straight weeks, viewership has dropped over the last few weeks to under a million. The Nature Boy pointed to this as he questioned CM Punk and Bryan Danielson’s contributions as he said that ratings are the main indication towards growth.

“Well, if I’m looking at the ratings, I don’t know what they’ve contributed to [AEW]. Yeah certainly, as you said, both big stars in the business, both have had a lot of success. Um, but I don’t know what they’ve contributed because all you can do, as we do with football or any other show, we look at the ratings and the ratings are indicative. To me, that show should never do less than 1.1 million, they get there once and bring in all this talent and then they go back then there’s something wrong,” Ric Flair said.

CM Punk and Bryan Danielson were in action at AEW Full Gear

CM Punk and Bryan Danielson were in action on November 13 at Full Gear, the last pay-per-view of AEW’s calendar year.

Bryan Danielson faced off against Miro in the finals of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament and won the match after the Redeemer submitted to the Guillotine. The former leader of the YES Movement is now the number one contender for the AEW World Championship.

CM Punk and Eddie Kingston met in one of the most anticipated clashes in AEW history. The two men barely had a few weeks to prepare but their excellent work during the build up made it a must-see match. The Straight Edge star came out on top after delivering the Go To Sleep.

Was already sold for their match at full gear but after this incredible video package, I’m 1000% sold for Eddie Kingston vs CM Punk https://t.co/SEDxOEgiGB

Both CM Punk and Bryan Danielson have been undefeated in AEW so far. More importantly, all their matches have been great. Danielson has especially taken his game up a notch since arriving in AEW.

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