Roman Reigns has permission to sing a hit song on WWE TV

Mariah Carey would love to see Roman Reigns sing one of her songs on WWE SmackDown.

Roman Reigns appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week to promote WWE Survivor Series. During the interview, he revealed a story about embarrassing his daughter over Mariah Carey’s iconic Christmas song, All I Want For Christmas is You.

“Well, she was explaining to me that right now, the whole Christmas music before Thanksgiving is like a big thing,” Roman Reigns began.” They are trying to cancel this whole situation and Mariah Carey, and that’s just craziness to me. Halloween is outta here; Christmas music is now. So we’re dropping her off at school, and it’s like a little circle that you have to drop them off at. And as soon as we pull up to this circle, I just crank ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You,’ and I turn it down to tell her I love her and goodbye, and then as soon as she opens the door, I just crank it up.”

Will Roman Reigns acknowledge Mariah Carey on SmackDown?

While the WWE Universe was buzzing about this story on social media, it caught Mariah Carey’s attention, who replied to a fan suggesting that Roman Reigns and The Usos should sing the Mariah Carey song on WWE SmackDown, tweeting out.

“Would love to see it!” Mariah Carey tweeted.

While it’s probably unlikely that we will hear The Head of The Table singing this Christmas hit on WWE SmackDown anytime soon, the fact it caught the attention of Mariah Carey in the process is hilarious.

You can catch the Christmas music-loving Universal Champion tonight on WWE Survivor Series as he faces WWE Champion Big E.

What do you make of Mariah Carey’s tweet? Do you think there could be some kind of a crossover between her and Roman Reigns on WWE television? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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