“Team India is very behind if we look at how T20 cricket is evolving and changing”

Former Indian player Saba Karim has opined that Team India are far behind other big teams when it comes to cricket in the T20I format. He reckoned that the team must evolve and make the necessary adjustments to meet the demands of the modern-day game.

In a discussion on the Khelneeti podcast, Saba Karim gave his opinion on how Team India should devise their plans to become a good T20I team soon. Saba Karim said:

“Team India is very much behind if we look at how T20 cricket is evolving and changing these days. We need to prepare ourselves as soon as possible and set our own template of playing the shortest format. Like what should be our template while setting targets and while chasing.”

Karim added:

“We need to choose players for different roles accordingly. The 2021 World Cup was huge learning for the Indian team think-tank to start preparing with this thought process for upcoming World Cup tournaments.”

Team India struggled during the 2021 World Cup as they lost comprehensively against Pakistan and New Zealand. Those heavy defeats eventually led to their elimination from the tournament.

Fans will be hoping that Team India has learned some valuable lessons from their dismal 2021 T20 World Cup campaign and put in an impressive performance in next year’s edition.

New Zealand is that team that everyone underestimates: Saba Karim

Saba Karim also previewed the final match between New Zealand and Australia during the discussion. He revealed that most teams usually underestimate and take New Zealand for granted. Speaking in this regard, Saba Karim said:

“New Zealand is that team that everyone ignores, underestimates, and takes for granted. Whichever team plays against NZ doesn’t do that much homework of their players. They think they are not playing the global T20 league, no big names are there, so we can easily beat them.”

Karim added:

“But it’s not like that. It is one of the reasons the New Zealand team is so successful and other teams get thrashed by them. This team has a lot of fighters. Australia might have the edge with the kind of bowling they have.”

New Zealand will clash with Australia in the pinnacle clash of the 2021 World Cup in Dubai on Sunday. Many former cricketers like Shane Warne and Kevin Pietersen have opined that Australia are the clear favorites going into this game.

It will be interesting to see how the perennial underdogs, New Zealand, perform in this high-pressure game.

Edited by Ritwik Kumar

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