Tegan Nox discusses the seriousness of her knee injuries

Tegan Nox has had a bad string of luck when it comes to knee injuries over the last few years in WWE NXT.

Tegan Nox was the latest guest on the Wilde On podcast to discuss a variety of topics. When the subject of her knee injuries was brought up, Nox revealed the first injury was a freak accident that had just occurred in the middle of class.

“There was no crazy thing that I did. Me and Dakota Kai locked up and my knee just went, just exploded,” Tegan Nox revealed. “We locked up and twisted and my right foot stayed pointing forward and my body turned left and went, ‘no,’ and it just popped out. Luckily that one was just the ACL and it took me 10 months to come back from it.”

Tegan Nox’s history of knee injuries are well documented

The second time halted her momentum in the Mae Young Classic as she tore several ligaments in her knee in a match against Rhea Ripley.

“The second one was during the second Mae Young. I did a dive to Rhea Ripley, which I have done 100 times. The ramp was really long at the time and I overshot it,” Tegan Nox stated. “My left toe was on the ramp but my heel was on the squishy floor, so my knee just went to the side, popped out of socket, and popped back as I hit the floor. I tore my ACL, MCL, both meniscus, and I broke my tibia as well.”

Tegan Nox was drafted to RAW in the 2021 WWE Draft but has yet to appear on the show. Hopefully, Nox will make her in-ring debut on the red brand sooner rather than later.

What are your thoughts on Tegan Nox’s journey to WWE’s main roster? Do you think she’s in danger of another future knee injury? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription of the podcast.

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